Taking Time for Yourself

As wives and moms it is so difficult taking time for yourself. When I wake up I am getting the husband off to work, the kids ready and off to school and then myself ready for work. I’m usually exhausted before I even leave home.

At work I am non-stop and attempting to be the best employee possible. Then it’s home to cook, clean and in soccer season there’s practice and games 3-4 days per week.

It’s hard to find time for yourself. Hard but necessary.

I take at least one hour before bed and I just peacefully catch up on my shows or take a nice comfortable bubble bath. I also take one hour per week to care for myself. I get a massage, get my nails done or hair. It’s this time I need to recharge. I cut all social media connections and I even cut my ringer off.

Before I started doing these things I was overwhelmed and over exhausted. I love caring for my family. I always have but in this time alone it’s not just for my health but also my children. If I am a healthy me. They are happier and healthier.

Mom decides how everyones day will go. If I am rushing and in a bad mood that sets the day in motion for everyone else. That’s just not what I want for my husband or my babies.

Take the time for yourself and DON’T feel bad about it! A healthier happier you means a healthier and happier family. Every woman deserves to be pampered. Go do it! Set that time aside and enjoy it. Even if it’s you going to a movie alone.

You take such great care of your family. Take care of you!

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