Struggles of a Working Mama

I’ve been working full time for one year now. Oddly it’s been the fastest year of my life. As much as I love most aspects of my life I have found it impossible to keep up with everything lately. 

Just when I feel like it can’t get any harder my kids are sick. 

As a mom I look around and feel so blessed. I have an amazing husband and healthy girls. I have an amazing job but the hardest thing I’ve ever done is being a working mom. 

It starts first thing in the morning with trying to get my husband off to work then taking 10 minutes for myself to drink my coffee before the kids wake up. Then it’s getting them ready, lunchboxes, making sure nothing needs to be signed or taken care of before school. Then when they’re finally on the bus I have to get myself ready and make sure everything’s clean and together for practice or games that I will need to rush home to get them to after a full day of work. And then after practice it’s dinner, baths and bedtime. 

Weekends again are spent at games, church or birthday parties. Then do it again on Monday. 

Dads you are hardworking and great dads I won’t take that from you but if you’re like my household when he comes home his day is done. In the mornings he only has to get himself ready. Oh how that would be great.

I know someday I will miss the chaos and the ball games and I don’t look forward to that day…..okay maybe a little, but exhaustion is at an all time high at the moment. 

I appreciate every single moment. But sometimes it’s okay to say it’s freaking hard being a mom. Rewarding but hard. 

Not only are we physically caring for them but we are trying our best to raise good humans. God fearing, kind, giving humans. 

When you’re a working mom you feel like you can’t give everything to one place. While I’m home I think about the things I need to do at work so that takes from my family emotionally and physically and like today I took the day off for my sick kiddo. So now I feel like the worst employee ever. But my family takes priority. Then, when I’m at work I am thinking about things that need to be done when I get home or later that night. So all in all I feel like I’m not a good enough anything. I’m not a good enough employee, wife or mom. 

I can’t imagine life without my family or my work and I hope to never have to but I’ve come to the conclusion that one person can only do or be so much. My devotion after Christ is to my responsibilities as a wife, mom, friend and employee. I think it’s okay not to be a superstar at everything ALL of the time. It’s okay to just try your hardest at everything you do and if for that day you decide not to be the perfect mom or employee that’s okay. As long as it doesn’t become a habitual thing. 

Your sanity and your health are too important for that much stress. Stress no one but YOU puts on yourself. 

Go home get in bed at 6 p.m. and tell those kids or daddy I am taking one day… or two days this week and no one is to bother me. Don’t ask me for anything. Act as if I am not here. You put the kids to bed dad and I am going to Netflix and popcorn for the night. They need to know your time for yourself is important. Time to recharge. 

It’s for YOU but it’s so that you can be the best YOU for THEM!

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